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Our free electrons

Our energy comes from our "free electrons": real experts in their domains, independent of any supplier, they will be able to answer your problems and their complementary expertise will provide you with sharp and exhaustive advice
High Voltage
Our High Voltage specialist intervenes on your projects to control all the High Voltage part: cells, transformers, connection, locking schemes, current quality, reactive power, safety equipment and any other equipment or parameter critical to our clients.

Our specialist in Dimensioning and Market Studies intervenes to advise you on the technical choices before installation, to validate the dimensioning, but also to position your project in a global context of the energy market.


Our site monitoring specialists intervene at all key stages to validate the quality of work and realize the technical reception and the putting into operation of your installations


Our specialist in performance analysis and potential studies intervenes for the analysis of your production data, the detection of under-performance and the validation of the amount of produced energy.

Technical Inspections

Our specialists in technical audits of installations intervene on site to check the quality of the installation and the maintenance works, and to alert you in case a revision is needed.

ICPE Follow-up

Our specialist in environmental protection requirements (ICPE) follow-up and accompanies you on your obligations according to the current regulations, and in particular on all the specific requests of the services of the State during the exploitation.

Our major fields of intervention

Photovoltaic Production of electricity from the Sun's radiation using photovotaic panels installed on buildings or on the ground
Wind Production of electricity from the driving force of the wind with the help of wind turbines installed in nature
Hydro Production of electricity from water flows by extracting its potential energy







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